Archdiocese of Cincinnati

A Strategic Approach to Digital Evangelization

Sharing the Faith,
One Web Page at a Time

Above all else, the team at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati wanted to serve their Catholics as best they could. This meant reorganizing and refreshing their website—all 7000 pages of it. In search of help for this arduous task, they found Heroic and the rest is history. We began evaluating each page of the site, measuring traffic to pinpoint which pages were performing well (and which ones weren’t). Based on those results, we worked with the Archdiocese to create web pages that would serve their internal teams, their parishes, and all of the people who were looking for something more in their lives.

Service Provided

Campaign Development
Email Newsletter Campaigns
Email Branding Promotion
LMS Implementation
Ongoing Support
Print Design
Script Writing
Signage & Banners
Social Media
Web Design & Development


Project Details

About The Client


  • 211 parishes
  • 111 primary and secondary schools
  • Four universities and a major seminary
  • With enrollment of over 40,000 students, the Archdiocese has the fifth largest Catholic school system in the U.S.

Departments Served

  • Stewardship
  • Worship & Sacraments
  • Catholic Schools
  • Communications
  • Youth & Young Adult Programs
  • Vocations
  • Ministries & Outreach


0 %
increase in site traffic from 2020 to 2021 (1.3 MM to 15 MM+ visitors)
0 %
Grew the Archdiocesan email list 5000% (700 to 35k+ subscribers)

Beacons of Light

Branding and Campaign Support – Web Development – Video – Learning Management System Implementation – Data and Reporting

As the Archdiocese of Cincinnati began to look towards the future, it was clear that a new initiative and new approach to pastoral planning was required. They called on Heroic Strategies to brand this new campaign and roll it out for over 200 parishes and their parishioners.

Bicentennial Website

Web Design and Development – Ecommerce – Product Design and Sourcing

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati we partnered to build a website that would tell the story of the Archdiocese and celebrate its rich Catholic heritage. The website included a timeline, interactive maps and an online store selling AOC branded merchandise. We even built a page to live track a 33 day, 300+ mile Marian Pilgrimage.

“Heroic Strategies has been a game-changing partner to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Heroic’s strategic, technical and creative capabilities have dramatically improved the beauty, reach and effectiveness of our digital communications.”
— Mike Schafer, Director of Communications & Evangelization

Process of Evangelization & Discipleship Website

Branding – Creative Direction – Design – Web Development – Animation

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati asked us to help them visualize the process of evangelization and discipleship by mapping out the stages a person goes through on the path towards and conversion and beyond. The idea was to create a model that parishes could use to base their own evangelization efforts around in a systematic way. We first worked together to develop a visual model, then implemented an interactive website, complete with a video series and group study.