needed a website that shows off the quality of their work and generates new ppf business


Owner James Bernhardt wanted to have a stronger web presence to capture people looking for paint protection film installers in the Northern Virginia area. James has the reputation for doing some of the best work on the east coast, however, most of it came word of mouth and through referrals. Our goal was to create a strategy that brought new business to Pro Film.



We determined in order to help sell Pro Film’s services we needed a stronger visual component to the website. This would help establish trust with visitors and show James is capable of installing PPF at the highest level. We captured video for the homepage showcasing the work involved in installing a piece of PPF on a brand new Bentley. We then worked on educating the customer as to why you would want paint protection film installed as well as the costs involved. 

Once the website was complete, we began driving targeted traffic through a series of Google search ads. We were able to hone in on people actively seeking PPF installers within a 25 mile radius of Pro Film. We report each month on the return on investment and are continuously making changes, tweaks, and updates to deliver the best results.


reporting and analysis


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