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What would the world look like if the vast deposit of wisdom from of history’s most influential thinkers could be brought to a new generation of women all around the world in a relatable way? 


Hey, Lovely’s founder came to us with a big vision: take the greatest written works throughout history and help today’s generation of young women discover the timeless truths and pearls of wisdom hidden inside their dusty covers. She needed a way to break down the barriers to entry and create a brand that would resonate with women today.


Hey, Lovely worked with Heroic Strategies to clarify the target audience and brand story and build a visual identity system that would tell that story effectively. We created a logo with endless variations that encourages audiences to make these texts their own by circling, highlighting, underlining, etc. the passages and points that have made an impact in their lives. The visual system created the foundation Hey, Lovely needed to build a brand rooted in tradition but that’s anything but stale or dated. 


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